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PVC Soft Sticker and Mould

PVC Soft Sticker and Mould

PVC Soft Sticker and Mould

Delivery time: 2-3 days for proofing, 3-5 days for mass production

It can be designed into various shapes such as cartoons, animals, plants, commemorative characters, etc. according to the requirements of customers, plus corporate trademarks, LOGO, physical images, etc.

It is made with fine craftsmanship and can be exported all over the world. The products are novel in style. Exquisite workmanship. Perfect shape. Good quality and low price. The product can be used for advertising and promotional activities such as your company's name, brand logo, contact information. It is a country in the electronics industry. Choose the preferred gift for advertising and promotional activities.

Our tenet is "the pursuit of perfection. There is no end. There is no best. Only better" corporate belief, and with high-quality products, preferential prices and "fast, efficient, enthusiastic" service to meet more customer requirements. Welcome all colleagues for cooperation and review! Work together to create brilliant.



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