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We bring together innovation, technology and experience to solve the challenges of turning an entirely new product, concept or idea into a marketable solution.

Designs That Work for You

As a manufacturer with many years of experience in the plastic injection molding industry, Takumi Tech knows very well whether the design of a mold or plastic part is suitable for the manufacturing process. At Takumi Tech, we combine product functionality and manufacturability to provide you with product design modifications, to offer products that fit your needs, save your time and money.

What you can get from our design service:

Concept sketches and renderings

Expedite the manufacturing process

Technical advice for design improvement

Ensure part quality

DFM (Design for Manufacturability)

Affordable design fee

Mold Flow Analysis

Efficient communication

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We offer professional part and mold design services to injection mold manufacturers, injection molding factories, design companies, and product developers. To create an ideal injection molding solution for you, necessary information should be provided for us to perform an initial analysis, such as:

· Purpose: you wish us to improve an existing design, create a new one, or OEM according to your drawing;

· Approach: you can send us a drawing, or a sample product for us to restore the design;

· Other details: desired production volume, expected application, preferred material, productivity of your injection molding machines and so on.


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Takumi Tech performs a manufacturability analysis on each injection molding project to optimize part design, minimize tooling costs, and reduce overall project time. The detailed analysis report is reviewed by the lead designer, toolmaker, injection molding engineer, and project manager to ensure the requested component is appropriate for injection molding. From the report we will show you:

 Proposal for gate

· Proposal for parting line

· Mold structure (& material)

· Ejection solution

· Surface treatment

· Other proposals (part thickness analysis, draft angle analysis…)

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Takumi Tech offers Mold Flow Analysis service to ensure that underlying manufacturing problems are highlighted and detected during the design phase as guidance for improving the design. If you would like mold flow analysis for your tool please inquire in advance because additional charges may apply. Subjects of a mold flow analysis report usually include:

· Analysis Model

· Material

· Runner System

· Cooling System

· Process Settings

· Filling Pattern, etc.

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We have a qualified team of designers and engineers that bring together innovation, technology and experience to solve the challenges of turning an entirely new product, concept or idea into a marketable solution. From the design phase, our design team will provide:

· Industrial design

· Appearance design

· Structure design

· Mold design (2D & 3D)

· Material selection

· Cost estimate


Privacy and Confidentiality

For manufacturing, we will carefully review your product design drawings and provide you with technical advice if necessary. You can modify it yourself, or we can help you improve the design. All you have to do is tell us the dimensions and functions of the application you desire. If you only have a template, send us the template or picture, we can help you restore the drawing, then use 3D printing to create the prototype for your evaluation, and finally use injection molding to make the plastic product.

You don't have to worry that your product or design is leaked or sold. We are an OEM manufacturer, and professional mold maker; we don’t sell products. We only customize products for our customers. Of course, if you are not at ease, we can also sign a confidentiality agreement.



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