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Jinke Mold Technology Co., Ltd. mainly engaged in injection molds and related plastic products sales. 

A professional sales team, be able to provide customers with efficient and high quality services。

Founded in 2009. We majors in the developing and manufacturing of plastic mold and precision Injection and all kinds of parts processing.

Our company grasps the spirit of the Quality first, customer first.

We are growing up under the customers trust and support, and our company technical force is abundant. 

We have many advanced manufacturing equipment: 8CNC, 8 engraving and milling machine, 10 grinding machine, 10 milling machine, a large water mill, 6 spark machine, 4 wire walking, and a radial drilling, 12 injection molding machines.

We have 3 factories located in Tianjin & Zhengzhou, 2 brands: Jinke Mold, Jinke Mold.



Contact: Mr. Xu

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Tel: +86-22-22133314

Email: [email protected]

Add: Industrial Park, Tianjin, China

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